Lester D. Nelson

This page is in progress, as is my work...

An initial thought

I find some amazement in the many way stories influence so much of our lives. From a corporate viewpoint, we might have:

I think of technology research and development as a narrative of many overlapping parts.

A thought in motion

Here's a work-in-progress for such a storytelling

A final thought about these pages

It has been fun telling a story of myself. In producing most of these web pages, I chose to use a very old Web production technique: Emacs directly on the HTML, and upload via FTP. I find that WYSIWYG and integrated environments can be tedious if relied on exclusively (point click point click, set property, drag). Other forms of structure, whether implicit, explicit, hidden, or visible, when all called consciously to mind and manipulated by hand, can be a form of meditation, reflection, and relaxation. It also seems to have produced some retro looking pages here. Everything is constraining in its own way.

29 May 2005

You can contact me by emailing lesnelson at acm.org